African Forum For Innovation & Technology

(AFFIAT) This is the 1st African Event in innovation and technology gathered both children and adult African people.


This is a regional conference and technology competition that brings youths and students from Africa in Egypt annually to develop problem-solving skills and creativity in a fast-paced environment. It promotes not only the learning of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), and digital skills, but also fosters multi-cultural friendships and life-skills for an unparalleled learning experience.


Membership Benefits

  1. 30% off competitions’ fees and research registrations for all members and fellows.
  2. More chances for students exchange between African Universities.
  3. facilitating partnerships between African universities and cooperation with associations through the International Relations Committee and similar institutions at the regional and global levels in order to cooperate in joint research projects, exchange and produce knowledge as well as train academics and exchange Scientific expertise and curricula.
  4. Coordinating and organizing conferences, electronic seminars and other virtual platforms - including an information channel - to disseminate and discuss issues and priorities of scientific research and education with multiple partners as well as digital transformation and help universities to master it.
  5. Assisting all members (universities, schools and organizations) in presenting distinguished online learning system through training workshops help in cooperation with specialized universities and international companies.
  6. Assisting in linking education with industry and production through diversity of memberships between organizations, companies, universities and schools and arranging African needs study committee.
  7. Encouraging and supporting winning inventions projects in the African Forum through incubator.
  8. Availability of project publishing in the periodical magazine with special discounts for advertisements.
  9. Publishing forum's scientific researches in the periodical magazine besides assisting best research to be published in the best ranked international scientific magazine.

Our Strategy

The forum will presents every year a new topics in different innovation and technology branches through a conference and different workshops.
we offer challenging competitions for everyone in the age from 5 up to 25 years. We have three competitions categories, with their own characteristics and challenges.