• Africa science and robotics carnival

    One of the amazing competition for students from 5 - 12 years which integrate science with robotic in one project.

  • African Young Innovantors

    This competition gathers 3 categories for three age Categories (9 - 15 Years) (12 - 18 years) (18 - 25 years)

  • Africa Mobile Application Competition (A-sus)

    Students in Africa are invited to compete with individual or in teams of up to four student members. Any undergraduate, graduate till 25 years old can compete. Multiple teams can be formed at the same university. Each team can submit only one application. One student can be part of 2 different teams (i.e. one designer can create a design for two different teams). Teams must not accept or use any help from people not in their team. Usage of free and/or open source Internet resources is allowed, but plagiarism and cheating are not.