Science & Robotics Carnival

One of the amazing competition for students which integrate science with robotic in one project.
Categories :
Junior: 5-8 years.
Senior: 9-12 years.
Theme of this year : smart cities.
Students make a model either from Recycle thing or from robotic.

City Model:

Teams will build a physical model of a section of their city using recycled materials or Robotic Materials. In addition to showcasing their smart City Model must also show the team's solution to this year’s challenge: Food and smart agriculture, Renewable Energy, Natural and Amusement Park, Recycle, Smart Transportation and finally, Smart houses. The model must have at least one moving part, be built to scale.

City Model Requirements:

  • Must be built to scale as determined by the team.
  • Must be no bigger than 25” (W) x 50” (L) x 20” (H) including all support braces, material hanging below or beyond the tabletop, and any fully extended parts, such as access doors or hinged pullouts.
  • Must contain one or more moving part(s).
  • Any electrical power must be self-contained (e.g., a household battery and a simple circuit).
  • No perishable items, drones, or hazardous items (e.g., dry ice or fire) may be used in the model.
  • A completed City Model Identification Index Card must be submitted. This 4"x6"

Index Card is used by the judges to identify your team's information. The card should include:

  • City name (must be same as the team name).
  • Scale used for the model for senior category.
  • Name of school/organization.
  • Names of the presenting students and mentor.